The Americas are home to almost a billion people, speaking over 450 indigenous and European languages. The history and diversity of Latin American, 加勒比 and U.S. Latinx环境, 文化, and people continues impacting studies and policies on race, class, gender and human rights today. 

 Latin American, 加勒比, 和拉丁研究 department 教师 and staff

An Open Letter in Support of Black Lives Matter.

拉丁美洲, 加勒比, 和拉丁研究 (LACLaS) at Bowdoin fosters a deeper understanding of the diverse 文化 and complex historical and contemporary relationships of Mexico, Central and South America, 加勒比海, and Latinas and Latinos in the United States.

An Immersive Experience

拉丁美洲, 加勒比, 和拉丁研究 (LACLaS) Program supports concerts, 主题晚宴, 电影放映, 座谈会, service-learning projects, 辩论, and teach-ins organized by various student organizations, 教师, 校园的分歧, and neighborhood associations. Every semester speakers who are experts in a field related to the courses being offered—or who are directly involved with social, 政治, 学术, or cultural activities in Latin America—are invited to campus.

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